Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay a deposit for the training seminars?

The payment of your registration fee will serve as a deposit.  Once you have completed the application process, you will receive an email message with instructions concerning the registration fee.  Please note that we will not be able to reserve a place in the seminar for you until you pay your registration fee.

When and how do I pay for the seminar?

You will be expected to pay the seminar fee (which includes room and board) on the first day of the seminar.   All participants pay with cash or travelers checks–we are not currently set up for credit card payments.  You will receive a receipt for your payment.

When can I safely pay for my airfare?

For every seminar, we need a minimum number of committed participants to be able to conduct the seminar.  When you click on the Calendar and click on the particular seminar for which you have applied, you will see the following sentence: “Has the minimum required number of participants been met?”  When we reach that number, we will change the “NO” (next to the question) to “YES.”  Until then, unless you are willing to purchase trip insurance (and please make sure that event cancellation is covered by the insurance policy), please wait for “YES” above before purchasing your airline tickets.

How do I travel from the airport to the seminar hosting facility?

If you click on the Calendar then click on the particular event for which you have applied, you will find specific travel instructions for that event.  And you will also know if the minimum required number has been met, and it is safe for you to buy your travel tickets.

Can couples participate in the training seminars?

YES!  Many couples have already participated in our training seminars, and we encourage couples to come train with us.

What is the maximum number of participants that you will accept for each seminar?

It depends on how many trainers we have available.  For every seminar, we have a minimum of two trainers. The maximum number of participants that a trainer will have to handle during a seminar is 5 or 6.  We emphasize the development and refinement of skill and tools application.  And limiting the number of participants allows us to provide supervised hands-on training for every participant.

Why is there no required reading for the training seminars?

There is required reading for Module 2.   On the other hand, the material, skills, tools and methodology to which Module 1 participants are introduced are new and challenging to the participants.  For this reason, we prefer to introduce the participant to these challenging aspects of our teaching and the training in the classroom, where the participants have optimum opportunity for discussion and learning.

Are the training seminars always conducted only in English?

Mostly, but not always…  The comments included for each event in the Calendar will let you know if the event in which you are interested will be taught in English or another language.  We have conducted seminars in Spanish and, with the assistance of capable translators, in Taiwanese and Korean–and we are always open to teach and train in other languages.

How fluent do I need to be in the English language to successfully complete the training seminars?

If the training seminar is conducted in English, participation will require the you to listen to lectures in English, participate in role-played skill practice sessions in English, as well as listen to and analyze video-recordings in English.  You will also need to read and write in English.  Only you and those who know you well will be able to estimate what degree of difficulty (if any) you will experience in attempting to successfully complete the seminar in English.

How much prior education and experience will I need to participate in the training seminars?

All we ask is that you have the passion, the calling and the gifting to help others heal and be free.  Sometimes having less experience and education will mean less to unlearn, fewer assumptions to discard, and not as many habits to break.  We have had a broad range of participants in our training seminars, from those who have relatively little education and experience, to those who hold graduate and doctor’s degrees in the field of counseling psychology, along with many years of clinical experience.  And what truly makes the difference is the degree of courage, conviction and commitment in each person.

After the training seminar ends on the last Friday, when can I start my travels?

You are free to begin your travels on the evening of the last Friday of the seminar, but most participants prefer stay through breakfast on the last Saturday—this is a good time for farewells.  Although the seminar officially ends on the last Friday afternoon by 5pm, the cost of the seminar includes a stay at the hosting facility during the night of the last Saturday, as well as breakfast on Saturday morning.  If you would like to stay longer at the hosting facility, you will have to arrange this directly with the facility contact person.

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