Nikanor Endorsements & Testimonials


“Dr. Paul Rodriguez has been teaching in our College of Counseling and Health care schools in the University of the Nations over a number of years now.  He comes to us with a wealth of experience and a love for God as well as for equipping His people.  His years involved as a psychiatrist has richly equipped him for handling life’s most difficult and devastating situations.  God used his training and experience to develop an integrated, biblically based, Christ-centered model for healing and freedom. I commend him and his wife Cathy to serve us…”

Dr. Bruce Thompson

International Dean Emeritus, College of Counseling and Health Care,

University of the Nations

“Dr. Paul Rodriguez brings more than excellent therapeutic models to the world of missions and member care… he has an anointing and authority in biblically centered therapeutic practice… he is naturally cross-cultural in his material and teaching style… his wife Cathy and he make a warm, approachable team who minister with passion to the whole person. 

“I attended Paul’s 2013 intensive, 7-day training for our Member Care East Coast Network (MEC-Net) Core Team, and the equipping I received has served to catapult me further in my skills.  The insights from Paul’s vast history in the medical and psychiatric world enriched the practical tools he gave us…“

Sarah Lanier

Author, Foreign to Familiar, a Guide to Understanding Hot and Cold Climate Cultures

YWAM International Member Care Leadership Team

“My personal experience, as well as that of many in my staff, is that Dr. Rodriguez’s model helps us to stay focused, on track and overcome resistance—especially with the “challenging” cases.  His teaching methods have greatly impacted our training program for the good.  As we are adopting his emphasis on skills training, my students have immediately noticed the difference and are grateful… His training manual presents the model in a thorough, clear and comprehensive way. His model contains some of the best approaches to overcoming client resistance that I’ve ever seen.

“I look forward to continuing to integrate Dr. Rodriguez’s teaching and skill throughout our program.”

James Eubanks

Director, Pastoral Counseling Ministry and Training

First Baptist Church Woodstock, GA

Open letter to the Debriefing Community:

“If you are receiving this, you have (at least in part) gone through the Le Rucher Model debriefing training, and are committed to good member care.

“Some of you have expressed an interest in further training in skills that will enable you to implement your debriefing tools more effectively and efficiently.  And some of you are also counseling or serving in some other capacity in member care.   

We, the Le Rucher Ministries staff, highly recommend the training seminars offered by Dr. Paul Rodriguez… The coaching, teaching, and hands-on skill practice have proven to be excellent keys to ministering to the ministers. And the concepts of identity and resilience are crucial to the field worker’s spiritual walk.  

“Psychologists, counselors, and even regional leaders, have given testimony to the kinds of breakthroughs they have had by using these principles and tools… “

Sarah Lanier

Director, Le Rucher East Coast, USA
Debriefing Instructor and Senior Staff, Le Rucher Ministries
Coordinator, Member Care East Coast Network (MEC-Net)
Author and International Speaker



Here is what some of our past participants had to say!

“Dr. Paul Rodriguez’s training was a much needed learning experience for me. I’ve been counseling for over 30 years and it had been quite a while since I had experienced the depth of training that Dr. Rodriguez provided. I walked away with new as well as refreshed skills.

“Having been a psychiatric nurse in NYC for many years, meeting Dr. Rodriguez was a joy. He is humble—not a word I usually associate with “psychiatrist”.  His love for Jesus is central to who he is, and this love and humility continues to be evident in how he approaches counseling.

“If you are motivated to refine your skills, as well as have God’s perspective in how to help people, this seminar is for you.”

Pat Caven

Resource Faculty and International Speaker for the University of the Nations

Pastoral Counselor, specializing in sexual addictions, sexual abuse, and homosexuality

“I am a clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience and recently attended Dr. Paul Rodriquez’s presentation on motivation and mapping in the practice of counseling.  I gained a great deal from the experience and have already used these tools with difficult cases that I have been working with for years and found them to be very helpful in moving toward a breakthrough. 

“I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in improving their skills in helping others through difficult times.” 

Harold G. Rhoades Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Former professor of clinical psychology at Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA

Founder and former professor of counseling at Emmanuel College, Franklin Springs, GA

“The 2012 advanced training seminar at Chatel, Switzerland gave me the practical tools to become more effective in my counseling work. It also helped me to know myself and understand the battle inside me more clearly. I know that these will be indispensable truths and tools for my work in helping others to heal and be free.”

Annette Courvoisier

Associate Dean for Africa

College of Counseling and Health Care

The University of the Nations

“I have been involved with Christian counseling, teaching and helping people all around the world, for over 30 years. In May 2012 I had the privilege to attended Dr. Paul Rodriguez’s advanced training seminar.  And what a gift that was! 

“The seminar gave me the necessary tools to establish healthier boundaries that protect my health and the health of my dear family. With the skills I learned, I am now able to more accurately identify the needs and problems of those I counsel, and to lead them to a place where they want to experience personal change… Dr. Rodriguez showed us what the Spirit of God, the use of Godly discernment, and a good set of tool and skills can do to transform people’s lives.

“Thank you Doc, for the powerful Godly input you brought into my life and marriage!”

David de Carvalho

Senior Pastor of Mokuaikaua Church, Hawaii;

Member of the International Leadership Team,

College of Counseling and Health Care,

The University of the Nations

 “I am honest when I say, this has been by far the BEST two weeks of teaching that we have experienced in any school we have done in the past 17 years, and we have done a lot of schools!  There is no doubt in my mind that God was glorified in the process… Your perseverance in teaching us these things has born real fruit in the hearts and lives of our students. 

“Both Debbie and I have used and continue to use your training in our counseling.  The reason why is because it works!  And we have seen the results in real time.  Absolutely amazing!” 

“…This ministry has changed our lives and the life of our ministry significantly.  Again, thank you both for what you have given to us.  It is a great gift!”

Len & Debbie Fischer

Family Ministries, Youth With A Mission Taiwan

“It was such a blessing for me to complete the training series at Chatel, Switzerland, conducted by Dr. Paul Rodriguez.  His whole-person approach, based on the Bible and yet full of professional skills, equipped me for my ministry in coaching, training, and counseling people. During these seminars, we had hands-on, supervised training on the skills taught and modeled by Dr. Rodriguez. The opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge we received enhanced our whole learning experience… My hope is that so many more can get enriched in order to bring more of God’s truth and light into people’s lives.”

Susi Schär, MA

Burtigny, Switzerland

“I had been working with a widow and genocide survivor who was still presenting with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), after 21 years of genocide of the Hutu against Tutsi, in Rwanda… But she had been resistant to change. 

“By using the tools from your training, I helped her understand her problem well.  After this first session, she ended up by committing herself to use whatever resources she has to change and to be free from the situation she has been living…

“Later, I found out that she was able to attend memorial meetings in her community and she even gave her testimony on her life during and after genocide publicly!   Praise the Lord! 

“We thank God for these healing steps that she has so far done, and we have hope that this process will continue.”

Felix Bigabo

Prison Fellowship Rwanda

“The Training seminar has far exceeded my hopes and expectations. I have been involved in Pastoral Counseling for almost 25 years and feel that the information I learned not only in my head but my heart will not only bless me but also bless the many others that I continue to minister to. Thanks you so much to both you and Cathy! Your lives and ministry has blessed us.”


Terry Bloemsma

Pastoral Care & Coaching

Barnabas International

 “It was such an honor to be able to come to your training seminar.  So important for people in the business of caring for people! 

 “I learned so much and felt so encouraged and challenged and nurtured through the entire process… particularly the skills training in reflection as a foundation for everything, the motivational MAP, knowing how help people move forward in freedom in Christ…  I have learned skills that have equipped me not only to better listen to those I care for, but also to help them root out lies that they have believed about who they are and who God is…

“Thank you for making so much new information seem palatable and doable—not an easy task.  It was a joy to get to know both of you as well. Thank you for sharing from your vast knowledge, as well as your prayers…”

Laurel Schone

Global Talent • People Care Specialist

Operation Mobilization USA

Jean Patrick & Ruth Perrin  

Youth With A Mission, West Africa

   “We are now in Senegal. For the last 2 days, I was debriefing a woman that is leaving Senegal for good and that had lots of issues in her marriage, and again the motivational MAP tool has been so useful!  …So much hope for what’s coming next and for her marriage. God is so good!
“Prior to Senegal, we were in Togo for leadership meetings and there too we were able to speak about the LIE in our lives… Again, it was such a revelation to these leaders!
“You know our lives have been so impacted by this teaching that we just cannot help taking it and applying it all the time. We just love it!   

 “We cannot be thankful enough for your ministry and for you two!”


“Honestly I embarked on your teaching and training because I felt a stirring in my Spirit that God wanted to equip me for relationships with the hurting, broken people He had put in my path… Little did I know what was in store!

“During the first few days, I experienced quite a few personal revelations about how the Lie had been impacting on my relationships with God, my opinion of myself, and how I was working with others.

“I have now become aware of the ways in which I was remaining in captivity, feeling unable to walk in true freedom… I stand today strong and courageous, knowing that I am a child of God.  I no longer need to compare myself to others, but rather truly accept that the Son of God lives and reigns in me.  The Holy Spirit dwells in me, and the enemy is no longer going to hold me captive.

“The tools I picked up through your training will be a tremendous blessing to me on the journey, and I believe will enable many to explore the life they have been living and move, with the power of the Holy Spirit, into the life God has for them…

“I do not say this lightly—this course has been a life-changing experience for me.”

Sarah Adair

Northern Ireland, 2015

“After working for over 12 years with Youth With A Mission, in discipleship, in counseling, and as a leader, I am so thankful that I finally have learned with way of having effective intentional communication with others.  It was also very important for me to receive teaching that has been an eye-opener about who I really am, and who or what I am not (about my true identity)”

Hilde Aarskog

Base Co-leader

Youth With A Mission Norway

“So many people are hungry for the truth but the enemy is ready to try to steal it away at every turn.  I am in a constant battle to stay confident but it is difficult, constantly having to fight the lies he tries to tell me… Once again, thank you for the invaluable teaching… May you be blessed for sharing it so generously!”

Liz Angel,

Psychologist, Sydney, Australia

 “Two weeks ago I was having a birthday dinner with a homeless guy… This guy has been with us for 5 years and never wanted to receive Christ. The skills you taught us helped lead this man to Jesus!  It was amazingly effective and encouraging!  Thank you!”

Regina Wong

YWAM Singapore

 “I’m so thankful for your teaching and training, and what the Lord showed me… I am amazed at how differently I see my life, life around me and the life God is offering me.  I can honestly say that something has shifted … and there is definitely a newness there…  Thank you God!

“Thank you for helping me to refocus on what is really important in this season and not get caught up in what may happen next…

    “I’m so thankful for your teaching and training, and what the Lord showed me!”


Ruth Thompson

Ipswich, England

“Thank you both so very much for all you have done, and are doing, to hone this ‘model’ and give it away to others. 

      “I’m so grateful for the opportunity to come to your training, meet you both and spend time together, and to learn from you and glean from your experiences and skills. It seems to me that you have such a heart to help the Body of Christ mature, be healed, and serve…

     “Besides the impact within the Body, the opportunity to present the incomparable and unfathomable love of God through these tools, is amazing!  I genuinely appreciate your obedience to pour yourselves into sharing it with us, and the many others you’ve taught.  

                “Personally, it was such an encouraging time, even amidst my personal ‘stretching’ experience.  Giving people a chance to learn in the process of making mistakes produces a healthy growth opportunity for which I thank God.”

Donna Petrel

Pioneering member care in the local church,

Former missionary to Israel, Jordan and Iraq

“Thank you for all the time and effort in sharing your insights, your talents and your love these past two weeks… I am taking away a head full of learning, a heart that has received more healing, and new skills to share with missionaries whom I love serving.”

Irene Lange

One Another Ministries

“Thank you so much for the seminar in Sweden. Coming back home I realize I have learned so much and I remember a lot more than I thought… I really agree with the way you view us as children of God and the way you look at the Spirit, and it has given me a new hope and drive to fight the fight against different lies in my life…  I have had some discussions with people about the seminar, and I love how much I believe in what you taught us and how passionate I am about it when I am trying to explain it to other people…

“…It was an honor to learn from such talented and experienced people!”

Eirill Mondal

Youth With A Mission Norway

“Jesus came to give us a full life, and the world tries to define that for me over and over gain.   Thank you for showing me over and over that He brings full life; He is full life; He defines full life.

“You have started a process inside of me that is far from finished, and I am thankful and honored to help others take these first steps as well. 

“May you life scream of fullness in Christ.  Again and again…”

Samantha Aantajes

Youth With A Mission Amsterdam

“I want to thank you for all the investment that you put into me. Realizing the power of this model and your teaching makes me pray harder for you.  It’s not surprising that the enemy doesn’t stop attacking you. But by watching you continuing to move forward, inspires me so much.  Makes me want to study so much more… I’m learning so much even more about the power of full forgiveness. 

“I pray that God would keep you safe and protected in next seminar that you guys are doing. Thank you for serving the kingdom in many ways.”

YiRang (Iris) Yim

Seoul, Korea

“…This model of counseling will transform Member Care when more and more begin to practice it.  It really is dynamite and transformational!
Thank you for continuing on with this training in different countries. Keep going and multiplying it!”  

Diane Williams

Youth With A Mission, Goa, India

“I have been very blessed to have had the opportunity to use my recent training with a number of people the Lord has placed in my path.    It was incredible to see how the more I was willing to use the skills and teaching the more people He brought my way, hurting and in need of support.  People who had experience of mental health practitioners, counselors and a whole array of medication.

“It was nothing other than miraculous to see the turn around in their lives after only a few meetings together!”


Sarah Adair

Northern Ireland, 2016

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